Social Distancing We Need it.

Hey my bff’s,

A lot of people are having a difficult time right now with this thing call social distancing. But if you think about it, this is exactly the time to become your own bff. My mission for the my bff house has always been about Self love and now look at what social distancing is forcing us to do. Self Love. We need to take advantage of this difficult time and make something positive out of it. Social distancing will not only stop the spread of this deadly virus and help keep our family and friends safe and well but it will let us use this precious time to spend with ourselves, if your are alone. Social distancing gives us time to remember who we are again. Some of us lost ourselves in the mist of family and work distracted by outsiders. We now have our own undivided attention. I think you will find out that you’re not so bad to be with. This is a time to get still and quite and dream big dreams. Make plans for your life. Because while we were out there being busy with this think call life we didn’t have time to think about our dreams and goals for ourselves. Only you know deep in your heart what you really want your life to look like. Someone once said that you are your own best friend as well as your own worst enemy. Today I chose to be My own bff. Use this weird time to love on you and your family. Find yourself, you’re standing right there. She’s waiting for you to show some love. Remember who you really are. I want us to be own our bff and today it looks like we have no choice.

tonight I was invited to a zoom party and I’m going to get dressed up and go, right here in my living room. Peace.

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